Imad’s 92* goes in vain as United edge Kings in high-scoring thriller


RAWALPINDI: Azam Khan struck a magnificent 72-run knock in the run chase and powered Islamabad United to seal a close six-wicket victory over Karachi Kings in the 19th match of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season eight.

IU 204/4 (19.2 Overs)

Yamin to bowl the final

IU 194/4 (19 Overs)

Tye continues, to bowl the 19th

IU 183/3 (18 Overs)

Amir back for his final over

IU 171/3 (17 Overs)

Tye comes back

IU 160/3 (16 Overs)

Shamsi comes to bowl his last

IU 145/3 (15 Overs)

Yamin replaces Tye

IU 131/3 (14 Overs)

Amir comes back

IU 119/3 (13 Overs)

Tye replaces Imad

IU 110/3 (12 Overs)

Shamsi comes again

IU 94/3 (11 Overs)

Imad replaces Malik

IU 81/3 (10 Overs)

Shamsi continues

IU 77/3 (9 Overs)

Malik continues

IU 72/3 (8 Overs)

7.2: Short on middle, Rassie goes to pull and the ball skids very low under the shot to clang into middle and off stump halfway up.

Tabraiz Shamsi comes into the attack

IU 67/2 (7 Overs)

Shoaib Malik comes to bowl

IU 62/2 (6 Overs)

5.6: Fullish length ball tailing in towards the middle, Hales goes for a huge heave over the leg side and misses and the ball disturbs the timber.

Yamin continues

IU 55/1 (5 Overs)

Andrew Tye into the attack

IU 44/1 (4 Overs)

Aamer Yamin comes into the attack

IU 33/1 (3 Overs)

Amir continues

IU 22/1 (2 Overs)

Imad Wasim to bowl from the other end

IU 12/1 (1 Over)

0.6: Amir bowls a slower ball wide at the seventh stump. Munro went early and skies this over Shoaib at mid-off.

Colin Munro and Alex Hales come out to open the innings for the United. Mohammad Amir to bowl the first over.


Karachi Kings’ skipper Imad Wasim led his side from the front with a magnificent 92-run knock and powered his side to post a mammoth 201/5 against Islamabad United in the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) season eight.

KK 201/5 (20 Overs)

Rumman to bowl the final over

KK 188/5 (19 Overs)

18.1: Niazi charges down the wicket and skies this a mile high to long-on. Hasan Ali tracks across to his left and takes a catch while falling over the rope and flicks it out of his hand to Rassie coming across from long-off.

Curran to bowl the 19th

KK 177/4 (18 Overs)

Hasan continues, to bowl his last

KK 165/4 (17 Overs)

Curran replaces Rumman

KK 149/4 (16 Overs)

Hasan comes back

KK 136/4 (15 Overs)

Rumman replaces Curran

KK 119/4 (14 Overs)

Shadab comes to bowl his last

KK 112/4 (13 Overs)

Curran replaces Faheem

KK 103/4 (12 Overs)

Shadab comes again

KK 98/4 (11 Overs)

Faheem continues

KK 86/4 (10 Overs)

Shadab continues

KK 78/4 (9 Overs)

8.5: Faheem takes out the center of middle stump! Bowled on a good to fullish length darting inward and castles Shoaib beating him between bat and pad driving.

Faheem replaces Mubasir

KK 70/3 (8 Overs)

Shadab Khan comes into the attack

KK 67/3 (7 Overs)

Mubasir Khan comes to bowl after the powerplay

KK 61/3 (6 Overs)

5.1: Slower ball lands full on fourth stump, Rossington goes a touch early and flicks this high trying to clear mid-on but it hangs in the air for Rassie van der Dussen to take a simple catch.

Hasan replaces Faheem

KK 53/2 (5 Overs)

4.5: Curran bowls the length ball, which followed Tayyab, who tried to go inside out but mistimed it towards the mid-off.

Tom Curran into the attack

KK 45/1 (4 Overs)

Faheem Ashraf brought into the attack

KK 29/1 (3 Overs)

2.1: Full and tailing in toward middle stump. Sharjeel goes to drive but it comes into the body and beats the drive to knock back the middle and off stump.

Rumman continues

KK 12/0 (2 Overs)

Hasan Ali comes to bowl from the other end

KK 5/0 (1 Over)

Sharjeel Khan and Adam Rossington come out to open the innings for the Kings. Rumman Raees to bowl the first over.


RAWALPINDI: Karachi Kings have won the toss and elected to bat first against home side Islamabad United in the 19th match of the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) season eight.


Karachi Kings: Adam Rossington, Sharjeel Khan, Tayyab Tahir, Shoaib Malik, Irfan Khan Niazi, Matthew Wade, Imad Wasim(c) , Andrew Tye, Mohammad Amir, Tabraiz Shamsi, Aamer Yamin.

Islamabad United: Colin Munro, Alex Hales, Rassie van der Dussen, Shadab Khan (c), Azam Khan, Asif Ali, Faheem Ashraf, Tom Curran, Mubasir Khan, Hassan Ali, Rumman Raees.


Matches 19, Islamabad United 13, Karachi Kings 6

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