Imran Khan violated IMF agreement by selling petrol at Rs150: Miftah

KARACHI: Former finance minister Miftah Ismail has said Pakistan has reached to this state owing to the mistakes of last 75 years.

Addressing a gathering at a local hotel, Ismail said that the IMF extended relief during Covid pandemic, but we repeatedly committed mistakes.

He said Shaukat Tarin on the onset claimed to give a budget without the International Monetary Fund (IMF) support. After it, he went to the IMF and announced mini budget, Miftah said. “Imran Khan violated the agreement with the IMF by selling petrol at below par price,” he said.

“I was jailed for installation of the LNG terminal that was the cheapest in cost. I was told by the NAB to testify against Shahid Khaqan,” former finance minister said.

“The IMF offered relief during the Covid, but Hafeez Shaikh committed mistakes,” he said.

“When the IMF tranche came, Shaukat Tarin held the office. He announced budget without the IMF, later inked an agreement with the lender. Pakistan received the IMF tranche in February. The diesel’s price was 212 but he sold it at 146 rupees thus the exchequer suffered 172 billion rupees loss,” former finance minister said.

“The petroleum price was 190 but it was sold at 150 rupees,” he said. “Ishaq Dar shown attitude to the IMF but now talking for deal with it,” Ismail said. “Two mistakes were committed before me and one after,” Miftah Ismail said.

“We have changed seven prime ministers in 11 years, India has opened five IT institutes in 10 years. Indian exports will be valuing 150 billion dollars this year, while we have not enough grain stocks required to us,” he lamented.

“What will happen to those who are living below the poverty line for last 75 years,” he questioned. “Every year 5.5 million children born in Pakistan. Bangladesh has educated their girls and controlled population growth, while here talking on population control is a taboo,” he added.


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