PIA flight cancelled after several hours of delay

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flight from Pakistan to Turkey was cancelled after several hours of delay, ARY News reported on Saturday.

According to details, passengers of PIA flight PK-705 staged a protest in front of the PIA counter at Islamabad International Airport after the flight was cancelled following 10 hours delay.

One of the passengers told the media that the PIA officials boarded the passengers and made them wait in the plane for several hours and then announced that the flight has been cancelled.

The six-hour-35-minute flight was supposed to fly from Islamabad Airport at 6:10am today for Istanbul Airport, Türkiye. In a statement, PIA officials said that the flight has been cancelled due to prolonged technical reasons.

The PIA spokesperson said that the proper arrangements were being made and the passengers will be transported to Istanbul on the next flight.


On January 2023, the PIA spokesperson said the national flag carrier added two more aircraft to its operations fleet during the last 24 hours.

The PIA spokesman Abdullah Hafeez Khan said in a press statement, “Despite the difficult economic conditions of the country, the government is acting for PIA’s progress, which is evident from the fact that the number of aircraft in its operational fleet continues to increase.”

He said a new Airbus-320 aircraft, which arrived in the last few days, had also been added to the schedule after completing all the details. “Yesterday, the new Airbus 320 took its first commercial flight as PK-309 from Islamabad to Karachi.”

Similarly, he said, a seven-month grounded Boeing-777 aircraft had also been added to the operational fleet after necessary overhauling. “The aircraft operated its first flight after several months this morning and departed for Jeddah as PK-300.”


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