Utility Stores to Give Discounts on These Products in Ramazan

ISLAMABAD: The Ramazan relief package on utility stores will launch on March 20, wherein all utility store consumers across Pakistan will get discounts over 19 daily essential items, ARY News reported.

According to details, the Rs5 billion Ramazan relief package will launch on March 20. The citizens eligible for Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) will get relief of Rs1.15 billion while general consumers will get relief of Rs3.84 billion.

The poverty-ridden citizens will get Rs100 subsidy on ghee, Rs52 on flour, Rs30 on sugar while a 10 kg bag of flour will be available for Rs400, ghee and sugar Rs70 and Rs300 per kg, respectively.

Ordinary consumers will get a subsidy of Rs27 on flour, Rs11 on sugar and Rs25 per kg on ghee, while a 10 kg bag of flour will be available for Rs648, ghee and sugar for Rs490 and Rs89 per kg.

Moreover, all consumers will get Rs20 per kg subsidy on pulses, Rs25 on cooking oil, gram flour and dates and 15 to 30 percent relief on beverages.

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Last week, the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet approved the Ramazan Relief Package and a uniform procurement price of wheat crop 2022-23 at Rs3900/40 kilogram.

According to a press statement, the summary regarding wheat procurement price was tabled by the Ministry of National Food Security and Research before the ECC meeting, which was presided over by Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar.

The ECC also approved a hybrid model of the Ramazan Relief Package (Targeted and Un-targeted) consisting of 19 items for Utility Stores Corporation, budgeted of Rs5 billion. The summary was moved by the Ministry of Industries and Production.

The Ministry of Industries and Production presented a report on the logistic plan of PASSCO for in-land transportation of imported wheat in 2022-23.


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