Youth from Punjab found dead in Karachi

KARACHI: A youth from Punjab was killed and his body was dumped in Malir Nadi near National Highway, ARY News reported on Saturday.

According to details, the youth, Umar Mukhtar – a resident of Punjab’s Mandi Bahauddin village – was killed in Karachi. The body of the deceased was found in the vicinity of Shah Latif Police Station on March 3.

A case has been registered at Shah Latif police station on the complaint of his father. After the initial investigation, the police reported that Umar Mukhtar had first visited Hyderabad and then came to Karachi to buy cloths.

In a statement, the father said his son was preparing to go abroad for higher education, adding that, Umar on March 2 reached Karachi and sought Rs110,000 for the purpose of shopping.


Earlier, street criminals killed a citizen near Karachi’s Sakhi Hassan roundabout for resisting a robbery.

A Karachi citizen namely Sameer was killed by street criminals who came to snatch his mobile phone and other belongings.

After facing resistance, they opened fire at him when Sameer used his pistol to kill them. During the resistance, Sameer also injured one of the dacoits but he also received a bullet which claimed his life.

The dacoits managed to escape from the scene.


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