Swiss freestyle skier Andri Ragettli pulls off Cristiano Ronaldo’s trademark ‘Siiuuu’ celebration while in mid-air

Andri Ragettli, a professional freestyle skier from Switzerland is a huge football fan and is always in the news for his videos where he does a lot of incredible stunts.

On Monday, Ragettli shared a new video of himself performing the trademark celebration of Al Nassr superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in mid-air while showcasing a stunt.

The post was captioned, “SIIIUUUU!Ronaldo celebration on skis!”

Ragettli’s favourite football team is Real Madrid and last year, he went viral for a video where he was juggling a football while skiing. Such was the popularity of the video, the Los Blancos Instagram handle even shared it.

In the video Ragettli can be seen kicking the ball from one foot to another as he slides over snow-covered slopes in his skiing gear. What’s impressive is that throughout the video, the ball does not touch the ground even once.

Further in the video, the swiss skier did a full flip over a slope before tossing the ball towards the camera and exclaiming “Hola Madrid!”

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