IHC fixes hearing of Imran Khan’s plea for video link appearance

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) fixed the hearing of former premier and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s plea seeking permission for his video link appearance in the court, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

IHC fixed the hearing of former premier Imran Khan’s plea related to his appearance in the court via video link. Chief Justice IHC, Justice Aamer Farooq will hear the plea of Imran Khan tomorrow [March 09].

The Registrar’s Office raised three objections to the PTI chief’s plea, stating that Imran Khan’s request is vague while another objection was raised about how can a video link plea be filed in the high court. The office also raised an objection to the maintainability of the video link before being heard by the concerned court.

Former premier Imran Khan filed the petition through Advocate Faisal Fareed Chaudhry in IHC, in which the position was adopted that the PTI chairman has security threats during his appearance in the court. The former premier asked to provide strict security measures for appearing before IHC.

The petitioner stated that PTI Chief should be allowed to appear via video link before IHC in all the cases of Islamabad, adding that due to security threats, the court proceedings are stalled by in-person appearances.


In the petition, PTI chairman Imran Khan also suggested that all the cases should be trialled in the judicial complex and asked for police security police during court appearances.

Earlier in the day, PTI chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan filed a new plea with the Islamabad High Court to seek permission for video link appearance in all the cases registered against him in the federal capital, ARY News reported.

Imran Khan in his plea stated that amid security threats he should be allowed to appear in all the cases in the lower courts via video link.

Due to security reasons, the hearing of the courts was delayed, the application stated. Khan in his plea has also suggested his cases be heard at the Judicial Complex.

The former prime minister asked the IHC to pass orders for complete security arrangements during his court appearance amid security threats.


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