‘The money for my medical care goes to buy food’ | Inflation

What’s your money worth? A series from the front line of the cost of living crisis, where people who have been hit hard share their monthly expenses.

Name: Rasim Redžić

Age: 43

Occupation: Retired steel factory worker and electrician

Lives with: Wife Emina (36) and son Hamza (14)

Lives in: Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Monthly household income: The family’s combined monthly income for February was 2,000 Bosnian convertible marks (BAM) or $1,078. Following a workplace accident at his last job, Rasim receives a monthly disability pension of 600 BAM ($323), plus 400 BAM ($216) monthly for medical care, which the family uses to buy food. His wife Emina’s monthly income was 1,000 BAM ($539), from her job in the administration department at a steel factory. The average monthly salary in Bosnia and Herzegovina is approximately 1,180 BAM ($636).

Total family expenses for the month: 1,950 BAM ($1,051)

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