Govt seeks another electricity surcharge to recover Rs335b

ISLAMABAD: The federal government on Friday sought imposition of another surcharge on electricity consumers to recover Rs335 billion, ARY News reported.

The federal government has filed a plea with the NEPRA seeking imposition of surcharge up to Rs3.23paisas/unit. The NEPRA is scheduled to hear the plea of the government on March 16.

As per the plea, the government has sought the imposition of Rs0.43paisas/unit surcharge on electricity consumers from July to October 30.

The consumers using above 300 units of electricity per month will be slapped with Rs3.23/unit surcharge during the same corresponding period.

The consumers using agriculture tube wells will have to pay Rs0.43/ unit from July to October 30 as per the application of the incumbent government, while the imposition of Rs3.23/ unit surcharge has been sought on the agriculture tube wells from November 2023.

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Earlier this month, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) allowed electricity distribution companies to charge their consumers an additional fuel cost of Rs3.39 per unit for four months.

According to a notification issued by the power authority, the imposition of additional surcharge takes the total cost on each unit of electricity to Rs3.82.


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