Pakistan reiterates concern on India’s irresponsible firing of BrahMos missile

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has reiterated concerns on India’s irresponsible firing of BrahMos supersonic missile into Pakistani territory on March 9, 2022, the FO spokesperson said Friday.

“A year ago, a supersonic missile BrahMos was fired from Suratgarh India into Pakistani territory on March 9, 2022. It endangered human life and property and posed a grave threat to regional and international peace, security and stability.”

The Foreign Office spokesperson said in a statement, “Pakistan demonstrated exemplary restraint which is a testament to our systemic maturity and unflinching commitment to peace as a responsible nuclear state.”

“The irresponsible act by India was in violation of international law, the United Nations Charter, the Articles on the Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts, civil aviation rules and safety protocols. It exposed many loopholes and technical lapses in the Indian system regarding the handling of its strategic weapons.”

The spokesperson added, “Despite the lapse of one year, the Government of India has not acceded to Pakistan’s demand of a joint probe in order to accurately establish the facts surrounding this serious incident. India has also not shared the findings of its internal inquiry with Pakistan. Its unilateral and hasty closure of the so-called internal inquiry has raised serious questions about the command and control systems in place in India for its strategic weapons.”

“Pakistan reiterates its demand for a joint probe into this irresponsible incident. We also expect satisfactory responses to and clarification of several fundamental questions regarding security protocols and technical safeguards against the accidental or unauthorized launch of missiles in a nuclearized environment,” the spokesperson concluded.


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