‘The only man, who’s had a haircut on a Test ground’: Sunil Gavaskar shares an interesting tale of his mid-innings haircut

Batting legend Sunil Gavaskar, who was in the ABC commentary box, shared an interesting tale of his mid-innings haircut at Manchester.

Recalling the 1974 Old Trafford Test between India and England, Gavaskar said he was batting, but his long curly hair remained a problem. “A funny, funny incident in that century at Manchester as well. I didn’t wear a cap in those days and I had much longer hair than I have now. And so the gust of wind was blowing hair in my eyes and just as the bowler was about to deliver the ball, so I asked Dickie Bird if he had some scissors where he could snip it off.

“And I’m thinking, of course, that because the umpires keep scissors to look after the seam of the ball when the seam comes off and trim the seam. And he started to snip it off. So it actually wasn’t doing such a great job and Keith Fletcher was walking from slip to slip said because I had really thick wavy hair.

“He said,’you can’t do it with that you’ll need shears to trim that.’ So what I’m telling you on ABC Radio Grandstand that you are listening to the only man who had a haircut on a Test ground, mid-innings.

Gavaskar went on to score 101 runs that day but unfortunately, India lost the match. The little master who represented India in 125 Tests, scored 10,122 runs with an average of 51.12 and hit 34 Test tons.

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